Product Description

The Oztent furniture range redefines camping comfort with products designed from years of outdoor experience. The new HotSpot chair range includes 4 insulated pockets to hold up to 4 HotSpot pouches for an incredible passive heating experience. Now you have warmth from the fire and up to 1 hour of warmth from your chair!

The Oztent HotSpot can be purchased individually and comes with its own mircofibre bag.

Key Features
4 x insulated hotspot pockets
150kg weight rating
Patented adjustable lumbar support
Includes 1 x hotspot pouch
Headrest for carry bag storage


Transportable Heat

The perfect accessory for every camping adventure. Small enough to slide into your day bag, yet big enough to warm you up. The Oztent HotSpot Pouch can travel with you wherever your adventure! Slide them into the insulated pockets on HotSpot chairs for an incredible heated camp chair experience.



We have added this new media pouch to easily hold all of your tech. Let’s be real – most of us are using more tech whilst camping so lets make sure we can safely store it somewhere!



The Oztent HotSpot Chairs are the ultimate heating chairs. No need for electricity, batteries or cables! The HotSpot passive comfort heating chair range includes 4 insulated thermally reflective pockets to hold up to one HotSpot pouch each – heating your chair up to approximately 45C! Now you have warmth from the fire and up to 1 hour (Up to 500 uses) of warmth from your HotSpot chair.